Chris DrydenDebugging is my passion

Software Engineer

Amazon Summer 2020

Working on the recruting technology team. Building React and Java applications on AWS using Lambda, S3, DynamoDB, Cognito, and many more AWS tools.

Growth Engineer

Pagerduty Winter 2020

Working on the growth team.

Computer Engineering

University of Toronto

University of Toronto Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) - Computer Engineering 2016 – 2021

Minor - Machine Intelligence

Data Scientist

RBC Summer 2019

Debugging with the Global Cyber Security team in corporate systems for Summer 2019

Part of the RBC Amplify Cohort with Reece Martin, Fawaz Mohammed and Faezah Yazdani

AI Researcher

Structural Genomics Consortium

Building models to simulate protein binding for drug discovery in the area of epigenetics.

“The Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) is a not-for-profit public-private-partnership focused on pre-competitive drug discovery that supports the discovery of new medicines through open access research. Our chemical biology program has delivered over 60 high-quality chemical probes that are distributed to 5000 laboratories every year. These open-science reagents have been used in over 3000 journal articles since 2011, and contributed to the launch of 30 clinical trials by 8 companies.”

AI Engineer

Shopify Summer 2018

Worked on creating models for the “IQ” project on AI generated marketing campaigns.

Used Python and PySpark to build recommendation systems and classification and cohort separation systems, based off of a unique data set of marketing results from over 600,000 merchants.

Data Analyst

Loblaws Summer 2017

Worked in head office in the Supply Chain Optimization group.

Validating data integrity of WMS and SAP systems:

  • Creating neural network models for verification of data
  • Chronological analysis of changes to identify gaps in standard operating procedure

Auditing warehouse practices and prepare process changes to limit data anomalies

  • Mapping standard operating procedures to identify incorrect data input

Data Preparation from raw database files for use by other departments

  • Extensive use of Python and SAS Macros to present analysis